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Audition Notice For the Fall 2017 Production of
The Liar by David Ives

Directed by Pia Haas
Produced by the Armonk Players
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Alternative facts, mistaken identities, devious servants and passionate young love will collide when The Armonk Players presents The Liar, an adaptation of Pierre Corneille’s hilarious seventeenth-century farce, Le Menteur, by acclaimed American playwright, screenwriter, and novelist David Ives. Sides will be provided for reading. If you have a prepared monologue in verse, bring it along!

Auditions Dates and Times:
Tuesday & Wednesday, September 5th & 6th from 7pm - 9:30pm

Audition Location:
Whippoorwill Theatre, 19 Whippoorwill Rd E, NY 10504
Use Kent Pl entrance (enter into your GPS: Kent Pl, Armonk NY 10504)

Performance Dates:
December 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9
Sunday matinee at 4pm, all other performances at 8pm.

Rehearsal Schedule Dates: TBA

Audition Info:


  • Dorante – Male, 20-39: the liar himself, our comic and romantic lead; apparently a wide-eyed energetic young man just in from the country, a bit of a rube, he turns out to be an eloquent and articulate pathological liar; physically appealing, with character; needs flair if not extravagance; both physical and language comedy skills would be a plus.
  • Cliton – Male, 25-40: Dorante’s manservant, the classic clown part; character actor; should be capable of comic “romantic” scenes with his maidservant counterpart; gullible, endearing, put-upon, he is our audience’s viewpoint and needs to be lovable; physical comedy ability a plus.
  • Clarice – Female, 20-39: a young woman of Paris society, with money but not fabulously rich; she is flirty, pert, and smart, with plenty of experience with guys; the homecoming queen of 1643.
  • Lucrece – Female, 20-39: Clarice’s best friend, less monied, but also less flighty; both feet firmly on the ground, perceptive, moral and wry, she’s the great girl who nobody ever asks to dance (their loss); our hero ends up with her, so she has to be able to hold her own against him.
  • Alcippe – Male, 20-39: the best friend of The Liar and also Clarice’s fiancé; a handsome hunk, physically imposing, football captain of the class of 1640, hot-tempered, sheepish, given to sulks, not the brightest guy in the world but good-hearted.
  • Geronte – Male, 50-69: The Liar’s father; the classic doting/strict father, indulgent toward his son, blind to his son’s faults, trying to set the young man up in a good marriage; he’s a bit of a fool but we should like him.
  • Isabelle And Sabine – Female, 30-40: played by the same actress; these are the twin-sister maidservants to Lucrece and Clarice; Isabel is sexy, kittenish and sweet; Sabine is tart, stern, and moralizing; they are the comic/romantic foils to The Liar’s manservant, who can’t tell the two maidservants apart, so this actress needs good character skills and some real range.
  • Philiste – Male, 30-45: A man of high society, snobbish, polished and well-educated, a good friend of Alcippe.

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